Jar of Gratitude

An activity idea to embrace the good things throughout the year. Create a jar that you fill with everything good in the year. Write each thing on a small price of paper and place in your jar, such as:
– special moments
– surprise gifts
– kind gestures
– the beauty in nature etc
You can create one for each family member and go through them on Dec 31.


Teaching & Learning Gratitude

To teach our children all the good lessons we want them to learn we must first learn the lessons ourselves and show them the good way to live.

So for 2014 I’m doing a photo a day of gratitude to truly get into the habit of being thankful for the things in my life whilst showing my little angel all the awesome things to be thankful for in his life.

The first day of 2014:
I am thankful for the two men in my life and how the love me for now, whilst teaching me to grow.


Day 2. The great smell and taste of good coffee on a cold winters day.


The rest of the year of gratitude will be posted on our Facebook page. Like our page to follow the amazing things to be thankful for in this life and join in the year of gratitude yourself.

It is a fun activity to also do with your kids. Ask them to look out for things to be thankful for in their life and post them in their behalf. Your children will love to be involved.

Benefits of Diving with Sharks

This is a post I put on my other blog that I thought I’d add to this one,. It gives you ideas of how to portray these gorgeous creatures to your children so that they grow up loving them, rather then having the false negative beliefs a lot of people currently have… help shift the perception of these magical creatures. xox

Teaching Babies & Toddlers Independence

As parent everything we do and say is absorbed by our little angels and will eventually be what makes up their wonderful behaviours, beliefs and little personalities.

To ensure our children grow into well round independent adults we must take a step back and let them take control of their lives. Here are a few tips for letting the independence blossom in our babies:

1. Exploration without Interference – Allow your baby to explore its environment at its own pace, ensuring that the environment is safe of course. It is very easy to feel the need to control the situation but you need to step back and trust your little one is doing everything as he/she needs to.

2. Self-feeding – As soon as your little angel can hold a spoon and shows signs that he/she wants to feed themselves give them the opportunity to learn to do this themselves.

3. Give Them Small Tasks To Do Themselves – For toddlers you can each them new little tasks every couple of weeks or a new tasks once a week such as putting a piece of clothing in the washing basket or help with cleaning the table.

4. Let Your Angel Lead – If your little angel shows signs of wanting to do something themselves, let them. Every angel will want to do things at different stages in their development, so let them lead the way and show you what they can really do.

Praise your little angel for every small accomplishment they do themselves.

Dark Choc Banana, Blueberry Muffins

Kids love these and so do I. It’s a good mix of healthy foods with some sweet chocolate goodness.



– 2 x bananas
– 2/3 cup of honey
– 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt
– 2 large egg whites
– 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
– 1 1/4 cup of whole wheat flour
– 2/4 cup of oats
– 1 teaspoon of salt
– 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
– dark chocolate chips amount to your desire
– a handful of blueberries

Heat your oven to 180C.

Mix the first five ingredients together in a bowl.

Mix all the dry ingredients in a separate bowl and then combine with the first bowl.

Mix together until all the dry ingredients are mixed in and wet.

Add the chocolate chips and blueberries and mix slightly.

Add mixture to a greased muffin pan.

Cook for 20mins or until cooked :)

These are delicious served warm.

They also keep really well frozen if you want to keep them for awhile.


Natural Flavoured Yoghurt Smoothie

Having a gorgeous newborn to look after means my time for cooking fresh, nutritious foods is limited and is very spontaneous. When my little is asleep I jump at the opportunity to stock up on healthy foods I can easily refuel my energy with.
This is a very simple natural flavoured yoghurt that be used as a smoothie or yoghurt. I make massive amounts at one time so I know I’ll be covered for awhile.
This is a great healthy recipes for children to help out with also. If you let them chose the fruits they put into the blender they enjoy the process of making it and eating it too. Sue way to ensure your angels get the nutritious they bed for their growing bodies.

This mix is one I use when I am training minus the protein powders. I figured being a mum is a lot like training for a race and requires the same time, passion, focus and effort.

The mix contains:
– 2 x bananas
– 2 x avocados
– 2 x kiwi fruit
– 200g of natural yoghurt
– 1/3 cup of blueberries
– 1/3 cup of strawberries
– 1/3 cup of raspberries
– 1/3 cup of mulberries
– a splash of skim milk

Blend them all together and serve. If you are making your own flavours with different fruits and you want a good amount, simply endure you full your blender to the near top and this will ensure you have enough to last for a few servings.

The mix stays fresh in the fridge, so no need for freezing.



6 Motivators To Reach Your Goals (from an athletes point of view)


What really motivators us to perform at our peak performance and reach our goals ?

I am writing this post from the athlete in me, as I believe this is relevant for today’s post.

The motivations to reach my goals, as I went from an academic, non-sporty type to a sponsored athlete in a sport I absolutely love have underlying principles that are relevant to all human potential.

The ides behind my motivation to become my personal best will be transferable to assist you in getting motivated and staying motivated to you reach your peak potential in any area of life whether that is sport, career, family, finances or health and so I believe it fits quite nicely.

Firstly: Talent Is Nothing –

Talent does helps, but a talented individual without the motivation and drive will always come second to a person with zero talent and the motivation to win. When I was at school I was not a typical ‘sporty’ teenager, I think at best I came 4th in cross country running race at school level.. Woo !!! I went from this, to now being a sponsored X-Country Mountain Bike Rider and training for an Ironman. So what motivated me enough to go from zero to hero ??

Firstly, lack of talent can never be an excuse for not reaching your true potential. With the right motivation, talent can be learned, taught, practise and mastered. I wasn’t a cyclists until a few years ago and I won the first ever race I entered, after buying a ‘real’ bike a few weeks earlier, wearing cheap black tights and a $5 t-shirt against riders in the full lycra gear on bikes worth more then $10,000. It simply took motivation. But what motivated me to do this:

1. Belief In Self

By far the most valuable motivation is any goal I achieve, is belief in myself. One tool that works really well for me is not listening to anyone or anything else. I stay away from anything that may turn my belief into disbelief. In racing that means I don’t look at the line-up of competitors, I don’t look at last year results, if its a lap race I won’t look at the placings/lap times until the end and I don’t even look at the course (even though this works for some athletes). I am completely focused on me and my race and doing the BEST I CAN !!!

“Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.” – Brad Henry 

2. Visualising Success

As I rode the course all I was imagining riding in the world champions. I had perfect visions of riding in a eurpean country with snow capped montains behind me, the sun shining through the pines and my bike free flowing through the course as my legs pushed the hardest they could.

3. Desire to Want It 

You must want the end result, whether it be the body your looking for, the money, health, happiness, reward or adventure. Whatever it is, you must really want it and know why you want it. These will keep you focused when your motivation drops.

4. An Infectious Excitement 

Have so much excitement and passion to reach your goals that it shines out of you in every way possible. I want people to be swept up in your excitement that they get so excited each time you get closer to your goal. These people will be also be fantastic support to keep you going through the tough times.

5. Time & Practise 

Nothing comes to you for doing nothing. The more time and effort you put into achieving your goal the faster you’ll reach it. I train when its blowing a gale, there is side ways rain, it is freezing and you are barely moving against the wind. I treasure these sessions and see them as true builders of mind strength and endurance. No one else is out training  and this also means its one extra session I have on everyone else.

6. Perseverance

Don’t give up EVER!! If its want you want, keep trying, no matter how many times you ‘fail’. Each failure is a step closer to the end goal. One step closer to what you have been visualising and dreaming about, your ultimate goal !!

Closing Thought –  If you strive towards a goal for long enough you’ll almost always achieve it.